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Bamboo Floors

Floors Dominion offers a wonderful range of Bamboo flooring in a variety of colours at the best of prices. Bamboo floors are extremely attractive to look at in addition to being as durable as any other type of wooden flooring. Stronger and denser than many hardwoods, your bamboo flooring will easily handle spills and heavy traffic. Being a natural material, this flooring also displays variations in colour when it is laid across the floor which adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Their biggest advantage of using bamboo flooring is that they are relatively easy and inexpensive to install since they do not need to be sanded and sealed. Green homeowners have the added satisfaction that bamboo floors are ecologically friendly since bamboo is the fastest growing variety of grass.

Visit Floors Dominion in order to check out the variety of bamboo flooring that we offer and to choose one that suits your budget. We offer them as standard length boards of varying thickness and we will also advise you about the suitability of the specific thickness of the bamboo to specific parts of your home, office or showroom.

Bamboo flooring combines quality with beauty and elegance and is exceptionally hard wearing. With its unique natural appearance bamboo flooring will enhance any living, recreational or work space. At Floors Dominion we offer a wonderful range of Bamboo flooring in a range of varieties to suit your style and budget.

Bamboo floors offer the additional benefit of durability that is comparable to hardwood flooring but at a fraction of the price. Bamboo flooring can easily handle liquid spills and high traffic areas without losing its natural appeal and the distinct bamboo grain offers variations in size and colour adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Bamboo Flooring can grow about 2-3 feet in the first 24 hours when sprouting from the ground during Spring. In the following 6-12 months a stalk's height and diameter will peak and it can be used for bamboo flooring 5-6 years later. With such a rapid turnaround, bamboo flooring is an extremely sustainable product meaning you can enjoy beautiful natural flooring that doesn’t cost the earth!

Floors Dominion can consult with you on the various varieties of bamboo flooring on offer and assist you in choosing a solution that suits your style and budget.

Call Us on 1300 853 353 to discuss your flooring installation requirements and we will get back to you with quality customised solutions, suited to your budget and interior decoration requirements.


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