Floating Timber Floors

Floating timber Floors can make a fabulous addition to any home whether you’re building a new home, renovating or creating new additions to your home. Pre-Finished Floating Timber Floors provide a hard wearing, superior durability with a range of flexible Floating Timber Floor design options. Pre-Finished Timber Floors are made from real timber and provide natural beauty to your home. Floors Dominion carry a wonderful range of finishes and natural colours to suit any interior design tastes or desires.

Floating Timber Floors are considered to be a healthy alternative to the family home especially if any family members have asthma or allergy symptoms. Floating Timber Floors basically do not harbor allergens caused by ‘Dust Mites’ thus enhancing indoor air quality.

Pre-Finished Floating Timber Floor systems are extremely popular and over the last decade or so have grown in popularity and are considered to be the timber flooring system of choice throughout the World today. Pre-Finished Floating Floors are in huge demand due to the ‘no fuss’ installation processes and range of pre-finished layers available ultimately eliminating the need for any on-site sanding and polishing and in most cases, the need for any messy adhesives or chemicals. Also, there is no drying time associated with conventional timber floors.

Being a natural and hygienic floor covering, Timber Floors are sure to add value to your home and combined with solid durability and easy maintenance can potentially last a lifetime compared to other flooring alternatives.

Pre-Finished Floating Timber Floors are incredibly versatile and are highly engineered and designed to be installed quickly, easily with minimum disruption to your family and home life. Floating timber floor systems can be laid onto any hard level surface such as concrete, particle board, masonite, ceramic tiles or existing timber flooring.

All Pre-Finished Timber Floors are finished off and lacquered in the factory which allows you to use the timber floor immediately after installation.

Floors Dominion’s Timber Flooring manufacturers predominately use renewable raw materials which have the least possible impact on our environment.

Floating Timber Floors

"Floors Dominion stock a large selection of timber floors in many different species and board styles. Our diverse range will suit any budget conscious buyer and achieve the total look you want for your home."


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