Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was developed as an alternative to Timber Flooring. Laminate flooring generally tends to be half the thickness and length of the timber boards, however, the advantage of the laminate floor is that it is extremely hard wearing, provides a scratch resistant surface and it can be laid in place of the timber where height may be a concern. The shorter length of the board makes it easier for handling and provides for an easier D.I.Y installation.

Laminate flooring is also more economically priced when compared to the average timber floor and is ideal for the budget conscious or for commercial applications. Laminate floors are exceptionally hard wearing and resist impact, scratches, cigarette burns, spills and stains. The smooth impenetrable surface requires minimum maintenance. Using a regular vacuum cleaner and a well-wrung mop or a wipe over with a recommended cleaning solution is all that’s needed to keep your Laminate Floor looking its best for longer.

Just like any timber flooring option, Laminate Flooring provides a healthy living alternative for your family. Due to the smooth, hard surface of Laminate Flooring Board, common house dust, dust mites, insects and pet hair particles generally do not imbed themselves into the surface like fibre trapping carpets. Thus creating a more family friendly, healthy living environment, especially if any loved ones suffer from allergies or asthma. Laminate Flooring is produced in board form with the production process involving individual layers being pressed together under high pressure and temperatures to produce a product that is extremely versatile and hard wearing with the look of some natural timbers.

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Laminate Flooring

"Laminate Flooring is a fantastic alternative to solid or pre-finished timber floors providing cost effective solutions without reducing the quality look and feel of your floor."

Laminate Flooring


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